How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes


The extreme cold of winter can wreak havoc on a plumbing system if the home isn't well insulated or kept at an adequate temperature. In such situations, homeowners can contact the most trusted plumbing Mount Vernon, WA has to offer for assistance. These professionals have the best tools and techniques to fortify a plumbing system against the elements and are readily available to homeowners if freezing temperatures create an emergency repair situation.

Frozen Water Lines Can do More Damage Than Bursting Pipes

Simply thawing a pipe doesn't always cure the problem; it might lead to more. Water damage is difficult to clean up and can lead to severe issues like mold. The experts at LaVergne's Plumbing are ready to assist homeowners regardless of the severity of their situation.

Call the Pros, Even if no damage is Apparent

When the professionals come to inspect a frozen pipe or repair it after a thaw, they will assess the damage to the pipe, joints, and valves in the affected line. Not all pipes burst, but many can develop cracks from the stress that will eventually turn into leaks. The plumbers will quickly determine if the line needs to be replaced, updated, or only requires minor repairs. Homeowners should never assume that their thawed pipe is fine since there are no leaks; underlying issues may eventually create a significant problem.

Helping Residents Avoid Additional Freeze-Related Damage

In addition to offering plumbing repairs for frozen pipes, the LaVergne team can help Whatcom county homeowners prevent it from happening again. The most common method is to insulate any pipes situated in unheated areas. This typically involves the application of foam pipe insulation around all of the accessible pipes. If any pipes within the wall could or have frozen, the plumber will consult with the homeowner on the least intrusive method to access them. The plumber may also install shut-off valves to water lines that don't get used during the winter or those running to locations outside of the house. Once repairs are complete, the plumbers will provide information on additional steps that can help avert another damaging situation.

Professional Plumbing Assistance at a Moment's Notice

Frozen pipes create a problematic situation, not only while iced up but also after they have thawed. Fortunately, the team at LaVergne offers 24/7 emergency repair to the residents of Skagit and Whatcom Counties all year long. They keep an emergency plumber on call regardless of the weather, time of day, or weekday. Customers can rely on these experts to help resolve their plumbing problems quickly and efficiently without leaving them in a lurch for an extended period.

A Trusted Name in the Plumbing Industry

Residents in the northern region of Washington state have been able to trust the expert plumbing skills of the LaVergne family for over seventy years. Providing repair and replacement services on everything plumbing-related in the home, the team at Lavergne's Plumbing can tackle tasks as simple as a leaking pipe or as complex as a clogged sewer line. All employees undergo drug testing and background checks to provide customers with a trustworthy and safe experience. They also receive extensive training to ensure every project gets handled with expert craftsmanship and the customer is always left 100% satisfied.

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