Rely on Expert Plumbers to Fix Your Plumbing Problems

Rely on Expert Plumbers to Fix Your Plumbing Problems


Plumbing issues are a hassle that most homeowners do not have the skills to fix. A general contractor or self-described “handyman” can help, but they do not have the training, experience, or specific tools to make efficient repairs. Contacting an established plumbing service to assess the situation and administer repairs is the best way to resolve the problem without taking damaging shortcuts.

A Responsible Team That Doesn’t Exploit Customers

Dependable, experienced plumbers work diligently for each client to ensure that all issues are resolved quickly without the need for a return visit. Providing the citizens of Northwestern Washington with expert craftsmanship on everything from a routine clogged drain to new furnace installations, the team at LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating are known for their reliability and versatility. Every service call starts with a thorough inspection to ensure that the proper course of action is taken and agreed to by customers. Once the estimate is finalized, the team members will stay true to the terms and never add hidden costs or extra charges based on unexpected setbacks.

Diagnosing a Lack of Hot Water

If the household water supply doesn’t seem to be getting as warm as it should be, it probably indicates an issue with the water heater. It could be that enough sediment has built up in the tank to cause problems or perhaps a tarnished heating element, but the possibility also exists that the unit has seen its day. Regardless, it won’t take long for an experienced plumber to determine the exact source of the problem and alert the homeowner to the best course of action.

Hassle-Free Service Includes Tank Removal

Homeowners always prefer water heater repair over replacement since the service only inconveniences them for a short period. Replacement of the unit is more challenging, but the team at LaVergne’s will strive to install a unit that fits within the homeowner’s budget as quickly as possible. The old tank gets removed from the home at no extra expense as the plumbers thoroughly clean up any spilled water or sediment. Homeowners receive a unit designed to meet their household needs without concern over the disposal of the old tank or evidence that any hard labor took place.

Better Water Delivery Without an Increase in Cost

In some instances, a water heater is in perfect operating order but doesn’t operate as efficiently as newer models. In this case, the Lavergne team offers the installation of a tank saver mixing valve that combines the hot and cold water to increase the overall water capacity. With this valve active, water is held at a higher temperature while emitting from faucets at a safe 120 degrees Fahrenheit, increasing energy efficiency to help lower all costs associated with the water heater.

Problematic Temperatures May Lie in the Pipes

If hot water isn’t getting delivered to the faucet at an exceptional temperature, it may be a problem within the pipes. It won’t take long for these plumbers to identify the source of the problem, especially if a home contains aging steel pipes or corroded faucets. Regardless of the situation, the plumbers will advise the homeowner on the solutions and set up a way to get the correct replacement parts installed as quickly as possible.

Prepared to Handle All Sorts of Blockages

Clogged drain lines are a common occurrence at many homes and unless the problem is near the opening, most homeowners can do little to remedy the situation. Lavergne’s team has experience working with drain and sewer lines, making issues like a hard clog within the household pipes or replacing the outdoor sewer line a routine day. Utilizing various tools in these hard to reach pipes, the plumbers will find a way to remove the clog without causing damage to the line’s structural stability.

Digital Technology Can Come in Handy

To ensure that a drain line is cleared correctly without causing any significant damage, the plumbers utilize a sewer camera. As the camera snakes through the pipe, it helps identify potential problems before locating and identifying the blockage. This technology eliminates working blindly and helps the plumber determine which removal method to utilize. The options typically involve a traditional auger to chop through the debris or high-pressure water jetting to blast the blockage apart and wash everything down the line.

More Than an Average Plumbing Team

In addition to expert plumbing assistance in Northwestern Washington, LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating also provides service to heating and air handling systems. The team works on all makes and models, from national brand names to the obscure, and has the skills to retrofit parts when necessary. Additionally, the technicians are always honest with customers, especially when it is evident that repairs won’t be worth their money and a replacement unit is required.

Save an HVAC System From an Early Demise

Whether a homeowner’s HVAC system is new or aged, periodic maintenance is crucial to keeping a system operating efficiently. During these seasonal visits, the technician will clean out the accumulated dust and debris, lubricate all moving parts, test the communication between the thermostat and the unit, replace the air filter, and run a diagnostic test on the electronics. Scheduling this service not only extends the life span of the air handling system; it also improves a home’s air circulation.

Cleaner Air Makes for a Safer Environment

Duct cleaning is a service that most homeowners would never consider to be the expertise of a plumber. The team at LaVergne not only install and repair HVAC systems; they have the training and tools to thoroughly clean out any dust and debris that accumulates within a home’s duct system. Using specialized suction machinery and hand tools, the team can free up the ductwork to increase airflow and remove potential airborne irritants.

Emergency Repair Service is Always at the Ready

When a plumbing problem occurs, it can cause quite an inconvenience and in some cases, bring life to a screeching halt. Fortunately, LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating provides 24/7 emergency repair service to any homeowner in need. It doesn’t matter if it’s late at night, during a holiday, or over the weekend when an issue arises; these experts are always on call to coach customers through any initial actions they can perform before heading out with tools and supplies in tow.

24 Hour Emergency Service Available 7 days a week
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