Signs of a Drain Clog

Signs of a Drain Clog


When it comes to home repairs, most individuals state they deal with plumbing issues above all else. These issues often arise from clogged drains or pipes. At times, the clog simply slows the flow of water down the drain. However, the drain or pipe could become completely blocked and lead to water backing up into the sink, tub, or another device.

Sadly, people often don’t notice the problem with the drain until it becomes severe. When this happens, water damage may occur and lead to a costly repair. For this reason, homeowners need to pay close attention to the drains in their homes and take action promptly if a clog is suspected. What are some common signs of a drain clog?

Slow Drains

Individuals, when taking a shower, may notice their feet remain in water throughout the shower. They assume they forgot to open the drain completely and that’s why water is backing up. Nevertheless, they need to pay attention and see if the problem continues. If it does, the drain may have a partial clog. Fix it before it becomes completely blocked.

The same holds when the bathtub takes much longer to drain than it did in the past. In many cases, the problem lies in one drain. However, when the water flow slows in multiple drains in the home, the problem often lies in the main sewer line. In this situation, call a plumber near me to have the drain cleared.

A Toilet That Won’t Flush

When a toilet refuses to flush, take quick action. The smell alone is enough to have homeowners rushing to call a plumber. Leaving the problem unresolved can result in water and raw sewage backing up into the home. Often, the problem comes about because someone flushed an object down the toilet they shouldn’t or they used an excessive amount of toilet paper. For health and hygiene reasons, attempt to clear the toilet with a plunger. If this doesn’t work, contact a plumber for help with the repair. People should never pour drain cleaner down a toilet. Doing so could be dangerous.

Drain cleaners generate heat due to the chemical reaction that occurs. This reaction could lead to cracks in the porcelain bowl. It could also soften the PVC pipes, leading to bigger plumbing issues. Plunging the toilet when there is drain cleaner in the bowl could harm the individual if the mixture splashes up and reaches the skin or eyes. Many people use bleach to clean the toilet, and the drain cleaner could negatively react with the bleach. These are only a few of many reasons it’s best to leave this task to a plumber if the plunger doesn’t work.

Gurgling Noises

Gurgling noises from a drain are often not a cause of concern. A change in air pressure in the pipes brings about this noise in many cases. People also hear these noises when something is stopping the water or air from making its way through the drains. The homeowner needs to pay attention to how long the noise lasts. If it is momentary and only happens once, air pressure is likely the cause. However, if the problem continues, the homeowner might have a blockage in the main sewer line.

As with a slow drain, it’s best to leave this problem to a plumber. They understand the intricacies of drain repair and can ensure the problem is fixed before more damage is done. Raw sewage backing up into the home is harmful to human health and needs to be addressed right away. By contacting a plumber before the problem reaches this stage, the homeowner avoids the need for specialized cleaning of the home to remove this sewage. The plumber can also determine if the noise results from a blocked vent system or p-trap.

Overflowing Sewer

An overflowing sewer serves as another sign that the main sewer line is blocked. Men and women need to know where to locate the sewer cleanout, which is often outdoors or in the basement of the residence. Furthermore, they must monitor the cleanout and call for help if it begins overflowing. Many people use a drain auger to clear the clog, but this is only part of the solution. The homeowner must determine what led to the clog, as it could easily recur if the source of the problem isn’t identified. A plumber uses a camera to look inside the sewer line and find the source. This ensures the problem is completely resolved.

Drain Odors

Unpleasant odors from drains remain common. The odor may come from something that hasn’t made its way completely through the drain and is sitting in the p-trap bringing about the odor. However, a nasty smell from a drain could mean the drain is blocked. The best thing to do is run water through the drain to see if the clog can be cleared.

Many people add some soap or lemon juice to the drain as they run water through it. This helps to remove the smell that may have accumulated. Nevertheless, the clog could be more severe. For instance, a rodent may have become trapped in the sewer line or drain. Situations of this type require the assistance of a plumber to remove the source of the odor.


People often notice a puddle in the home and call a plumber to find the source of the water. When the puddle is outside, it may go undetected for an extended period of time. If you notice any puddles outside the home, call a plumber to see what the problem is and how best to correct it.

Plumbing problems are commonplace. Knowing how to fix them can be more of a challenge. If your home has a plumbing issue, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals. Water can do significant damage to a home in minutes. Don’t delay, as cleaning up after a plumbing disaster takes time and money many homeowners don’t have.

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