Signs It’s Time to Replace the Water Heaters

Signs It’s Time to Replace the Water Heaters


As a homeowner, you definitely want to do everything possible to make sure your home is comfortable whenever possible. It can be difficult to take care of everyday household responsibilities on your own. This is why many people are using a plumber as a means to make life easier. If it is suspected that there are any types of plumbing problems in this home, they should never be ignored. Unfortunately, they are not going to go away on their own. Instead, contact a plumber who can get to the source of the problem.

Plenty of Hot Water is Always Necessary

If it seems as though there is not a lot of extra hot water, it is not too late to do something about it. Many people ignore the signs of a faulty water heater. It’s not long before the water heater is no longer functioning properly, and you are scrambling to find a plumber. Know what to look for in advance and prevent this from happening again.

Pay Attention to Leaks

It is important to pay close attention to the area around the water heater. If there are drops on the floor or it is leaking in any way, it is important to contact a plumber. This is a sign that something is wrong, and the problem is only going to get worse. It won’t be long before there is a shortage of hot water. At this point, you are going to be a bit stressed regarding what needs to happen next. Pay attention to water corrosion on the outside of the tank. This is another sign of a leaking tank.

Listen for Knocking Noises

Pay close attention to any noises coming from the water heater. If it sounds like it is knocking, this is a sure sign that the water heater is in need of repair. The reason it is making this noise is because there is sediment in the bottom of the water tank. This is something that can be avoided if you are willing to have the water tank flushed on a regular basis. Basically, this is draining of the water tank so the sediment can be removed.

Cloudy Water

Pay attention to the color and the smell of water coming from the faucet. If it smells bad, there is a strong possibility that the inside of the heater is damaged. When this happens, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, the problem is only going to get worse. The inside of the tank is beginning to corrode, and it is important to take action.

Gas Bill

It is always important to pay close attention to your monthly gas bill. If the bill is higher than usual, this is a clear sign that you are using more gas. In this situation, it would be very important to contact a plumber who would be able to verify whether the hot water tank is functioning properly. Sometimes, a few adjustments can be made, and a replacement part can be installed and everything will be back to normal. However, there are other situations where it is beneficial to think about a new water heater.

Repair vs. Replacement

Schedule an appointment with a plumber if a problem is noticed. At this point, they can verify whether the water heater can be repaired or replaced. Depending on the faulty part, the plumber may be able to replace it. If the water heater is not very old, it should be repairable. Every situation is going to be different. Check out plumbers near the Bellingham, Washington area.

Depending on the situation, it may not be possible to repair the water heater. If this is an older heater, it should be replaced. If the tank was not maintained properly, it should be replaced. If you have just purchased the home and you are uncertain if it was maintained properly, the water heater should be replaced. As always, the plumber is going to offer their professional opinion regarding which plumbing repairs are needed. They will leave it up to the homeowner to decide what happens next. It is good to know that a water heater replacement will likely come with a warranty. With a rock-solid warranty and professional installation by a reputable plumber, there is no question that everything is going to work out just fine.

Tankless Hot Water is Another Great Investment

If you are interested in a way to ensure there is always plenty of hot water, consider a tankless option. Basically, this option provides a never-ending supply of hot water. This is perfect for those with larger households where everybody is trying to get ready to leave the house in the morning. It is also helpful for those who have a jacuzzi tub and have a difficult time filling the tub with hot water. Generally, the only reason this happened is when the hot water heater is not large enough.

Schedule an appointment with a plumber today to have the water heater inspected. A plumber can verify whether there are any issues. If there are any concerns, the plumber knows how to handle the situation. Often, it is necessary to place the hot water heater. Generally, the plumber is going to leave it up to the homeowner to decide what to do next. Take good care of the home and it will likely be a comfortable place to enjoy life.

This is a family-owned company, and they take great pride in being a drug-free facility that will always give a fair and honest quote before getting started with any plumbing job. Emergency appointments are available for those who are struggling with plumbing problems after hours. This is a team of professionals who take great pride in making sure their customers are taken care of. If you live in the Bellingham, Washington area, give them a call and a plumber will be there right away. There is no reason why anybody should have to go without hot water.

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