The Benefits of Working at LaVergne’s Plumbing

The Benefits of Working at LaVergne’s Plumbing


Working as a plumber can be incredibly satisfying. These plumbing industry experts make a good living doing satisfying work that helps the community, and there tend to be plenty of opportunities for advancement in the field.

Already certified to perform plumbing work in Washington State? Demand for plumbers in the area has been on the rise, so it’s time to start looking at putting that hard-earned education to work. Read on to find out about the benefits of working at Lavergne’s Plumbing.

Job Satisfaction

Plumbers, in general, report high rates of job satisfaction. The work is varied, and clients usually call plumbers when they need help dealing with emergencies, so they’re usually very appreciative. Plumbers working at LaVergne’s will always feel like they’re valued members of an important team because they are.

Work Environment

LaVergne’s plumbing prioritizes not just customer satisfaction, but also employee satisfaction. This company knows that keeping clients happy is a matter of hiring skilled plumbers and ensuring that they have everything required to get the job done right. New hires will be provided with all the training they need to make the switch to a new company comfortably, and they’ll be provided with all the tools and equipment they need to work efficiently and safely.

To ensure a safe work environment for all employees, LaVergne’s performs background checks and drug tests of all new hires. While that will come as unwelcome news to people who don’t take their careers seriously enough to prioritize creating a safe work environment, it means that the professionals working at LaVergne’s have to worry about other workers jeopardizing their safety or their reputations.

Lucrative Careers

LaVergne’s is a great company that offers competitive pay to attract the best plumbers, so new hires can expect to be compensated well. As with any company, pay will be commensurate with experience. Emergency plumbing calls may also be compensated at an increased rate if the work is performed outside of normal business hours.

Plenty of Room for Growth

Although LaVergne’s is committed to hiring only the most dedicated plumbers around, that doesn’t mean the company won’t consider applicants who are relatively new to the field as long as they have sufficient training and good references. LaVergne’s has an established onboarding procedure for new hires that helps plumbers get up-to-speed on all the company-specific procedures and processes. They will also encourage new plumbers to pursue additional industry certifications and progress in their careers.

Consistent Paychecks

Plumbers who have been working as independent contractors are sometimes hesitant to take full-time jobs. However, the benefits of working a W-2 job by far outweigh the minor inconvenience of integrating into a new workplace. LaVergne’s expert plumbers never have to worry about getting payment from difficult clients.

Full-time plumbers that work for reputable companies have far fewer financial woes than their peers who work as independent contractors. They don’t need to pay self-employment taxes, nor do they have to worry about finding new clients when their schedules are looking sparse. The company’s customer service team will handle all the client interactions, from scheduling appointments to obtaining payments, so that its plumbers can focus on doing their jobs.

Making the switch to full-time, W-2 employment can take a lot of stress off of plumbers’ plates. Plumbers on LaVergne’s expert team don’t have to worry about maintaining their own insurance policies, and they’ll always get paid on time. Having a steady income and a lower tax burden can be incredibly liberating for those used to going it alone.

Meet Lots of People

The plumbers at LaVergne’s will get to meet tons of people in Skagit and Whatcom Counties, from other employees to friendly clients. Some of these smiling faces will be neighbors, while others will live the next town over. Either way, the experts at LaVergne’s will find that they get a good reception everywhere they go.

People in Washington respect this well-established plumbing and heating company and they know the plumbers who work for LaVergne’s are experts in their field. Those who are new to the area can expect to be treated with both dignity and respect whenever they are on the job. They may even get lucky and make some new friends or industry connections at work.

Be a Part of Something Amazing

The experts at LaVergne’s provide essential help to homeowners throughout their service area. They install new plumbing systems, fix leaky pipes, and help clients find exactly the right fixtures to meet their families’ unique needs. Helping people feels good, no matter what the context. Why not get paid to provide valuable plumbing services to the people who need them the most?

LaVergne’s is also a growing company. Plumbers who sign on now will get to be a part of watching it grow and thrive. They’ll always feel like valued members of the team and their communities because that’s just what they’ll be.

There are plenty of opportunities out there for trained plumbers, but not all of them are created equal. Washington plumbing professionals shouldn’t have to resign themselves to either working as independent contractors and struggling to make ends meet during the off-season or to working for a less-than-reputable company.

LaVergne’s Plumbing & Heating has been in business since 1951, so they’ve had plenty of time to develop a well-deserved reputation not just as a reliable home service provider, but also as an excellent employer. Those interested in applying for a job can browse the website to learn more about what to expect or call (360) 685-8098 to reach a company representative and discuss their next steps.

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