What is Sewer Jetting and What Should I Know About It?

What is Sewer Jetting and What Should I Know About It?


We all know that there is plumbing running through our homes, and it is arguably the most important, if not the most, forgotten part of our daily routine. We turn the water on in the morning to brush our teeth, brew our coffee and take a shower, then watch the wastewater flow down the drain and don’t think a thing of it until there is a problem. There are two sides to our plumbing systems, the one that brings fresh water in for us to dring, cook with, and bathe in and the other that routes the used, contaminated water away and into the sewer.

Putting items into the drain that should go into the trash is one of the biggest reasons water and sewer lines get clogged. Sure there are the kid’s toys and grease that we know shouldn’t go into the sewer, but we should also never put chemicals, cigarette buts, fibrous food scraps, feminine products, or paper towels in there either.

If your sewer line is running slow or starting to clog, there are a few DIY solutions that you can try before calling a local plumbing professional. Flushing one cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda down the drain with several gallons of boiling water can help. The bubbling action from the reaction of the vinegar and baking soda foams up and helps clear grease and grime from the pipes. An at-home snake can also help clear pesky clogs; just work the snake into the pipes per the user manual.

Unlike in the past, most sewer pipe clogs can be remedied without digging up your yard and jackhammering the floors in your home. LaVergne’s plumbing offers state-of-the-art electronic scoping and hydraulic pipe clearing to avoid any needless disruption to your home and, just as importantly, your day-to-day life.

Sewer jetting is a method used by specially trained technicians to use high-pressure water, running through specialized tubing and nozzles to clear and dislodge obstructions. It is also referred to as hydro jetting and pressurized sewer cleaning. Some examples of the blocks this is effective at clearing are fats like oil, grease, minerals, and sludge. Also, dirt, mud, tree roots, and other organic materials are quickly cleared using this method.

Many realtors and other home professionals recommend electronic scoping of sewer pipes as a part of a home inspection before purchasing a home. This simple, non-invasive plumbing inspection can save a potential buyer hundreds or thousands of dollars by identifying any possible sewer line restrictions, sewer line blockage, or water pipe breaks prior to making a major investment. If a problem is discovered, the buyer may be able to get the seller to pay to have the sewer line jetted and cleaned before the purchase takes place.

People who live in the Whatcom and Skagit county areas can count on Lavergne’s Plumbing & Heating to give them outstanding plumbing services. They offer regular plumbing service and repair appointments as well as emergency plumbing assistance. They have trained, licensed plumbers on staff who can fix any plumbing problem quickly and correctly.

LaVergne’s Plumbing and Heating offer many services, including high-pressure jetting to clear sewer lines, Sewer cameras to locate problems quickly, state-of-the-art sewer equipment, and furnace and heating services. Call for a complete list of services and pricing, and then make an appointment to get the best professional plumbing services in the area.

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